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Mamaras & Associates aims at meeting the needs of every contemporary company. For this purpose it offers custom-made services according to each customer’s needs/requirements.

More specifically, Mamaras and Associates offers services in the areas of:


Company Valuation

Our company in cooperation with certified assessors undertakes any asset valuation task for its clients. Evaluations are performed on very strict standards and satisfy the respective requirements.
The certified asset valuation can be used by any company for reasons of bank financing, public listing, internal issues, mergers etc.

  • Company Purchase or Sale
  • Public Listing
  • Mergers
  • Shareholders' Exit
  • Venture Capital
  • Raise of Capita
  • Joint Ventures


Financial Management

All firms operate their own Accounting Departments. Still, today's needs demand that they go beyond their traditional function. A modern Accounting Department not only records and monitors data; it is a managerial tool that supports management decisions through information and reporting. Mamaras & Associates a wide range of financial services such as:

  •  Auditing & Monitoring of Results
  •  Liquidity Management
  •  Long-term Debt
  •  Cooperation & Negotiation with Banks
  •  Corporate Bonds
  •  Fixed Assets Management
  •  Raise of Capital
  •  Corporate Valuation
  •  Financial Evaluation & Debt Restructuring
  •  Financial Credit, Leasing and Factoring



HR Management

Human resources constitute the most vital part of any company. Mamaras & Associates provides services that cover labor and insurance issues, as well as HR development. Our services include:

  •   Organizational Charts
  •  HR Training
  •  HR Sourcing
  •  Salaries Monitoring
  •  Motivation Systems
  •  HR Planning



Investment Programs & Subsidies

he basic aim is the maximization of the company's value. The subsidized European and domestic programs give the opportunity to individuals, corporations and state organizations to get finance for their investment plans and increase their competitiveness and entrepreneurship. We protect you from wrong decisions and we suggest the right solutions as a result of our deep knowledge of the industry, the market, the corporate goals and your present and future needs.

  •   Planning of Investment Needs
  •  Management of Investment Programs
  •  Preparation and Submission of Files
  •  Information for New Programs



Managerial Organization & Strategy

The first steps for a company is to apply all procedures for initiation and registration. Mamaras & Associates undertakes all mandatory procedures that involve any managerial organization, change and strategic decision.

  • Initiating a Company
  • Chapters of Operation
  • Internal Control and Auditing
  • Procedures and Papers
  • Raise of Capital
  • Corporate Equity Transactions
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Franchise Development



Merges and Acquisitions

We address every individual or group of entrepreneurs interested in the positive development and growth of their businesses and seek services that create a competitive advantage. Mamaras & Associates is able to recommend solutions and support any corporate effort through:

  • Market Research
  • Evaluation of Business Opportunities
  • Acquisitions Scouting
  • Evaluation
  • Operational Plans for M&A
  • Negotiating
  • Due Diligence
  • Resourcing
  • Monitoring and Application of Agreements



Taxation – Accounting

Our primary target is the full satisfaction of the increased tax and accounting needsof our clients. The deep knowledge and experience of our associates enables us to give concrete directions and guidance together with quality services.

  •  Corporate Taxation
  •  Individual's Taxation
  •  Real Estate Issues
  •  Cross-border Transactions
  •  Establishment & Organization of Accounting Departments
  •  Re-engineering of Accounting Departments
  •  Supervision of Accounting Services
  •  Special Tax Advice
  •  Cash Flows
  •  Cost Accounting
  •  Financial Statements & Reporting
  •  International Accounting Standards